Commuting to Washington, D.C. from the Annapolis area!

Commuting to Washington, D.C. from the Annapolis area!

Until I moved to Annapolis, I didn't realize just how many people live out here but commute to DC for work. It makes sense...I'd rather commute via Route 50 vs. I-66 or I-95 any day! And nothing beats being in the city by day and relaxing by water at night. It's one of the reasons I created 'Bay to Beltway'.

Here are some options for commuting from Annapolis to the DC area: 

1) Driving - This is a popular option for those who have their own vehicles. US-50 runs right into the city and also connects to the Capital Beltway to get you where you need to go anywhere around the DC area. 

2) Bus - The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) operates several bus routes that connect Annapolis to DC. These buses run frequently and offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to driving. My neighbor takes the bus a few days a week and says they are great! There is easy parking and you can multi-task, or just relax, on your commute! 

3) Train - The Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC) trains run from Annapolis Junction/Odenton to Union Station in D.C. This is convenient and fast option, but can be more expensive than the bus. 

4) Metro - The closest Metro Station to Annapolis is New Carrollton. Some commuters drive to New Carrollton, park and then use the Metro to get to their office. 

If you are considering a move to the Annapolis area, let's talk about particular neighborhood locations to make your commute to DC easier! 

Depending on where you are in relation to Route 50 or one of these other options, can make a big difference on commute time! On average, expect 45 minutes from Annapolis to D.C. 

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